Being Human: Sit. Stay. Roll Over.

Being a pessimistic sort, I thought we’d seen the pinnacle of homoeroticism in Being Human a couple of weeks ago when the boys, werewolf Josh (Sam Huntington) and vampire Aidan (Sam Witwer) visit Josh’s parents and try not to out themselves as sexy cohabitating monsters. How could I have ever imagined we’d soon be seeing Aidan sternly ordering Josh to strip and bend over.

A lot of emotional and structural threads coalesce in this week’s episode, “Dog Eat Dog,” as the Elders arrive in Boston for a friendly (i.e., murderous) little visit.

In the interest of full disclosure, bordering on too much information, I should probably tell you about my Amish fetish. Well, “fetish” is a strong word with a lot of connotations. Let’s just say, I’ve been fairly obsessed with the Amish my entire life. So, giving the Elder vamps a Dutch history and ties to the American Amish community totally blew me away. What an original and fascinating take on the supervamp stock character. I only wish they’d had them speaking Dutch or German. I know they’ve had centuries to learn English, but I think they’re arrogant enough to speak their native language and make everyone else around them comply. Still, there’s a creepy ordinariness to the trio of Elders that belies their power and ruthlessness. Surprisingly scary stuff!

House meeting!

Which, of course, makes our heroes’ predicament all the more perilous. Aidan is sort of already asking for trouble by hanging out at vamp HQ so much, instead of watching over Josh and Sally (Meaghan Rath). If he had been home, then maybe Josh wouldn’t have gotten nabbed by the vampire dog catcher! Poor Josh is thrown into a cage and told he’s fighting an older wolf for the amusement of his bloodthirsty captors. It would have been insanely cool if they’d cast McNair (Robson Green) from the UK show to play the elder werewolf, but that much meta-awesomeness might have made my head explode.

Grab your ankles!

By the time Aidan finds out about George’s capture, the whole horrible affair is in motion, so all he can do is bark (har har) orders at poor Josh. “Take your clothes off! Bend over!” Oh my god, the look of trust and fear on Josh’s face as he looks to Aidan before he’s totally humiliated by the vamps is heartbreaking, but also perfectly exemplifies the relationship between the two men. The strange mixture of love, trust, agony, fear and the audacity of hope they share is all there. It’s like Josh is saying, “Okay, I’ll do what you say, because I trust you, but why are you letting this happen to me?!”

My main complaint in previous episodes has been about Sally’s lack of involvement with the guys. There hasn’t been enough bonding time, in my opinion. One “family” dinner together does not a family make. So, I am very happy to report Sally really gets in the action, comforting Josh, berating Aidan and doing her best to somehow save them both.


I want a coo-oo-oo-ool rider!

Meanwhile, in flashbacks, we get to see the strange role reversal that’s taken place over the years between Bishop (Mark Pellegrino) and Aidan. It’s particularly enjoyable to see Aidan as a 1950s greaser, teasing Bishop about his love for a human. Still, his threat to leave Bishop, and Bishop’s response are both disturbing and…well, hot. The fact that, decades later, Bishop’s only interest is luring Aidan back to him is an awesome testament to the bond between maker and progeny. It definitely brings to mind the bond between Louis and Lestat in Interview with a Vampire or Lorena and Bill in True Blood, a bond that is too often glossed over in other modern vampire soaps and melodramas.

This show is quickly becoming my favorite thing on TV. I’ve no doubt Syfy will be repeating it and showing marathons, so if you haven’t jumped on board, check your local listings. There are also a handful of full-length episodes on

Now, take your clothes off and bend over, wolfman!

Being Human airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy.

Update: Good news! Syfy has renewed Being Human for a second season! Read about it here!

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