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Creepy New “Captain America” Trailer Is Creeping Me Out

So…is skinny Chris Evans totally computer generated? Or are they just putting Chris’s face on some skinny extra? Either way, it’s creeping me out. I think I would have been fine if another actor had played the role of weakling Steve Rogers. I can’t help but think that if Christian Bale had been playing this role, he would have just starved himself down to a 98-pound weakling before bulking up to Cap’s weight. Instead, we’ve got Gollum with Chris Evans’s face which, admittedly, is better than Jar Jar with Chris Evans’s face. This is going to distract me, I can already tell.

I suppose we should be grateful that there’s no emaciated Doctor Donald Blake with Chris Hemsworth‘s face in Thor. At least…I hope there isn’t. 

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