FBOTU TV Week in Review: Alternative Lifestyles

So…much…television. I had a ton of shows to catch up on this week, so I made a batch of Red Bull Long Island iced teas and dedicated a few hours to the backlog on my DVR. And now I share my thoughts with you all. Feel free to share your own in the comments section!

image Being Human (US) “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Me Killing You”

I’m as surprised as anyone by how good this series has been. Like I’ve said before, it’s been almost like an alternate reality version of the UK series, where the characters face the same choices, but take slightly different (or extremely different) paths. Despite that, I was still surprised by the twist in the season finale episode. My only disappointment, really, is how nonchalantly they handled Sally’s door coming and going. I think it’s important for her to make a conscious choice to go help her friends, instead of moving on. Yet, they make it seems like an accident that she misses out on crossing over. It’s a subtle difference, I suppose, but I feel it weakens the character. I’m looking forward to season two, though, and more homoerotic hijinks for the monster boys of Boston.
image Being Human (UK) “The Wolf-Shaped Bullet”

Remember when I said that everything bad that happened last season was Nina’s fault? Then I tried, really tried, to like her this season. And guess what happened? Yup. Everything bad that happened this season is Nina’s fault. Why is she always betraying her friends? Doesn’t she know anything about the rules of friendship? For a moment in this episode, it seems that Nina might not make it through, and I immediately popped the cork on some celebratory champagne. It’s been a very uneven season this year, and I can’t say this episode redeems it that well. However, it does bring back into focus the friendship between George and Mitchell and how intertwined they’ve become in thought and deed. That’s the Being Human I know and love. And McNair’s ass. I love that, too.
image Camelot “Lady of the Lake”

I feel bad for Morgan. It’s sad that no one ever taught her that eye shadow goes above the eye, not below. She was raised by nuns, so that probably explains her lack of cosmetology skills. And that’s not her only problem, either. Seems Merlin was right. You can’t go around calling on the dark arts and not start bleeding from every pore and orifice. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’m not sure how much longer I’m going to watch this show. I keep waiting for them to do something new with the legend (a la Merlin), but so far, it’s been a rather dull telling. I suppose the whole point was to do a version where you could show some breasts, but Excalibur already did that, too. I wish Arthur weren’t such a dork, and I’m annoyed there’s almost no relationship whatsoever between him and Merlin. Finally, I can’t tell if Guinevere is rocking the worst wig ever, or if it’s the worst dye job ever. Whatever the case, she and Morgan could benefit greatly from a trip to the Camelot beauty salon.
image Fringe “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide”

I’ve never done acid or LSD or drugs of any kind, really, except for a brief affection for percodan, but that was mainly because Carrie Fisher was such a fan. However, I think watching this episode definitely qualifies as a legitimate trip of some kind. Even though I’d gotten used to the soul of Leonard Nimoy being trapped in the body of Agent Dunham, it was clear it couldn’t go on forever, and at the risk of questioning my beloved Fringe, I have to wonder, “What was the point, anyway?” He never really imparted any critical information. If the point was for him to give Olivia more confidence, it seems like a lot of trouble to do so. But that’s what she gets, and it’s rather poignant, too, when Bell realizes Olivia never felt safe or protected as a child. The animated sequences in this ep are an interesting solution to Nimoy’s retirement. For some reason, though, I think it might have worked better using footage of him from previous appearances, instead of the fully animated route. Still, it took me a few hours to come down from this trippy ride.
image Smallville “Kent”

It’s Clark versus Clark this week as Clark Luthor pays a visit from Bizarroville. I like evil Clark. He’s quite sexy. I give the good guys credit for figuring out the switcheroo early on. I’d hope that if the evil version of me ever showed up, people would be able to tell. Maybe. After a few months…or years. All right, fine. I’m the evil Chance, so it’s much more likely that I’d show up and wreck things for the good Chance in his world. Meanwhile, back in Smallville, it’s always creepy when a guy sends a girl clothes to wear. And they always choose the hooker shoes, too. Tragically, gay guys do the same thing when they pick out clothes for a girl to wear. Over in Bizarroville, Pa Kent shows up! I still have a ridiculous crush on John Schneider, even after all these years. Let’s face it: his ridiculously tight blue jeans had a lasting impact on my adolescent development. And I’m not at all ashamed to admit I was screaming, “Kiss him! Kiss him!” when Clark encountered altnerate universe Jonathan. They’re not related to begin with, plus this isn’t even Pa Kent from his dimension, so I see no obstacles here. (And that’s why I’m probably the evil Chance.)
image Supernatural “My Heart Will Go On”

I’ve been worried about Supernatural, ever since the ridiculous “Supernatural is a TV show” episode. “What’s that in the distance, Dean?” “It’s a shark, Sam. We just jumped it.” So, I’m watching again with a little trepidation. The theme this week on almost all the shows I watch seemed to be alternate universes, realities or timelines. So, the boys soon discover they’re in an alternate timeline because the Titanic never sank. Turns out Balthazar just didn’t like the movie. Or that song. I don’t blame him, although, I did enjoy the dance remix they used to play in gay bars. The Fate sisters aren’t too pleased with all the extra souls and descendants this causes, so they’re trying to even the score by killing off 50,000 or so people. I love how everyone teases Castiel about his relationship with Sam and Dean. Balthazar tells the boys Castiel is in love with them, while Fate refers to them as Castiel’s pets. Fate points out that Castiel is using all the extra souls in the never-seen war in Heaven, and that if he doesn’t cut it out, she’ll take away Sam and Dean. So, of course, everything goes back to normal, and Celine lives to sing another day. Overall, this episode is a good step towards redeeming the season. Can you undo a shark jump?
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