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More Potter at Pottermore

Luckily, I’ve never been addicted to drugs. No, my obsessive behavior has always channeled itself into sci-fi, fantasy, cartoons, action figures and the occasional total emotional breakdown when Helga forgets to move the tree while cleaning the floors. I think I’m probably much more suited to being a drug dealer, like our good friend J.K. Rowling. Just as I was packing up my Potter books, buying my tickets to the final movie and removing “Hedwig’s Theme” from heavy rotation on my iPod, Ms. Rowling announces a new online, interactive all-Potter-all-the-time reading experience extravaganza called…Pottermore.

Here she is, explaining in that sweet and polite British way, how you can give her more money and stay high on Potter forever!

Finally, a place for me and countless 12-year-old girls to hang out and share our love of all things Harry. I don’t care that I’ve already bought the books (sometimes twice), plus the audio books, movie tickets, toys and chocolates (made by enslaved child labor). I will happily add Pottermore to my list of automatic monthly deductions, joining the likes of George Lucas, the Jim Henson estate and that nice Nigerian prince I met in a MOTU M4M chat room. Whatever you want, J.K., it’s yours. Just keep feeding our Potter habit with your secrets, spells and smiles.

More information on Pottermore is coming July 31, 2011, and the site officially launches in October. See you there!

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