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LGBTQ Volunteers Needed at SDCC

Are you going to Comic-Con? Do you want to be at the epicenter of the LGBTQ presence at the show, meeting new people and making friends that will last a lifetime? (Am I overselling this a bit?) No, I am not. If you’re coming to Comic-Con, you should really do yourself a favor and volunteer at the Prism Comics booth.

I could go into a long, drawn out explanation about how and why you should support Prism and their awesome goals, but you know what? It’s just fun. Simple as that. Come hang at the booth and you will have fun. That is my promise to you. Yes, there was that unfortunate incident last year when I was allegedly forcing volunteers to bring me $12 con pizza, stand in line for exclusives and refer to me as “Lord Skeletor, the Alpha and the Omega,” but don’t worry. I’ve been given a firm talking to and that sort of behavior will more than likely probably not happen again. Probably. So, see? It’ll be a blast!

All you have to do is email Ted at Prism Comics ( and let him know when you’re available. Since the show is sold out, you need to already have a badge. So, whether you’re coming for the whole week or just a day, spend some time at the Prism booth! You’ll be ever so glad you did.

P.S. Remember, if you can’t make it to Comic-Con, you can still help out! Donate a buck or two to Prism’s Kickstarter campaign!

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