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Level Up with the Silly Frags

I don’t listen to a lot of podcasts, mainly because listening to other people’s podcasts makes me feel guilty and inadequate for not doing more of my own. But one podcast that I do listen to (and covet to an unhealthy degree) is produced by Daniel, Dean and Dan, also known as…the Silly Frags! A trio of gaymers representing an impressive collective knowledge of gaming and gaming history expertise, they’re incredibly fabulous (and sexy) in a way that only gay geeks can be.

Irreverent yet educational, uber-geeky yet totally accessible, naughty yet too funny to be wank material, you really should add the boys from Silly Frags to your podcast playlist. Since listening to the Silly Frags, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about gaming and sex…and I thought I already knew a lot about both those things. Clearly, the Silly Frags have much to teach us. 

Multiplayers: Daniel, Dean and Dan of the Silly Frags

Whether pitching Vogue Battle to game developers, finding the easiest elves to bed in Dragon Age or discussing tips, tricks and high scores both online and off, listening to the Silly Frags is bound to improve your game.

You can catch up with the Silly Frags on iTunes and on their official site.

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