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FBOTU Spotlight: Steve MacIsaac (Finale)

It has been a true pleasure having cartoonist and comic book creator Steve MacIsaac in the FBOTU Spotlight for the past month. All good things must come to an end, though, and Steve has been extremely generous, sharing his time and thoughts with us. I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into the work and methods of an extremely talented artist. Thanks, Steve!

In Steve’s final installment, we really get to see just how well he balances dialogue, mood and character expression, all in an artfully crafted layout. Check it out here, then be sure to look through all of Steve’s contributions and insights in the FBOTU Spotlight gallery.

You can learn more about Steve, including how and where to get his books, at And be sure to tune in next week for FBOTU‘s review of Steve’s Shirtlifter #4 (and a chance to win a copy for yourself)!

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