Comics Load: Journey Into Misery

Lest ye think Justice League #1 was the only game in town last week, here are a few additional notable releases, including the first tie-in issue with Buffy Season 9. Even more DC #1s are coming out on Wednesday, so be sure to check back later in the week for our usual brand of classy comics coverage here at FBOTU. In the meantime, be sure to let us know what you’re reading, and especially what #1 titles you’ll be picking up on Wednesday. Are you print or digital? DC or Marvel? Top or bottom? We’re all friends here. Discuss. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the Load!

image Chance’s Book of the Week

Title: Angel & Faith #1

Writer: Christos Gage

Art: Rebekah Isaacs

Colorist: Dan Jackson
At one point in this issue, Whistler shows up and gives his famous speech: “The big moments are gonna come, can’t help that. It’s what you do afterwards that counts. That’s when you find out who you are.” And that really sort of sums up what’s going on here. Angel is distraught and lost in a world of guilt after murdering Giles at the end of Season 8. Faith tries to give him a new purpose: take up Giles’s cause and get out there and help people. But there’s still a lot of evil Twilight stuff Angel has to answer for, and the road to redemption isn’t going to be easy. I found the whole Twilight storyline to be kind of confusing and messy, so I’m particularly interested in seeing how they make “what you do afterwards” count. This sharp and well-written book is a good place to start.
image Title: Flashpoint #5

Writer: Geoff Johns

Penciller: Andy Kubert

Inker: Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang

Colorist: Alex Sinclair
So, the whole point of the Flashpoint saga was to make Bruce Wayne cry? I can live with that.
image Title: Herc #6.1

Writer: Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente

Penciller: Mike Grell

Inker: Jason Paz, Jeff Huet

Colorist: Jesus Aburtov
Remember when Hercules used to be fun? And you could always count on pages and pages of gratuitous beefcake artwork? I guess those days are long gone. The only beefcake we get in this issue is Hermes in a little skirt, flying around, trying to find Herc. I did appreciate that in his “modern” disguise, Hermes dons a wifebeater and the tiniest pair of vintage running shorts he could find, making him look like an extra from Can’t Stop the Music. Maybe that’s what Herc needs to lighten his mood again, a sing-a-long viewing of Bruce Jenner’s finest film role. I recommend a double feature with Xanadu.
image Title: Journey Into Mystery #626.1

Writer: Rob Rodi

Artist: Pasqual Ferry

Colorist: Frank D’Armata
Honestly, I stopped reading Thor titles after Siege, because I found it too unbelievable that Thor could miss his evil, murderous brother so much that he’d bring him back from the great beyond. It really degrades Thor’s character, I think, for him to have so little regard for the people of Asgard (and Midgard). I only picked this title up, because I thought it would be fun to read out loud in my new weekly “Reading Comics Out Loud” club. I chose to give Loki a high-pitched, posh British schoolboy on helium sort of voice, which worked astonishingly well. And I gave the sinister-looking “Teller” monster a pretty spot-on Goofy impersonation. All of this became hilariously sublime when the Teller asked to feast on Loki’s “long and sinuous” tale. “I would consume that tale, Loki of Asgard.” He then ties Loki up, bends him over and…yup, Thor saves him. God, I hate you, Thor.