Supernatural: Glower Power

True story. I played with a Ouija board once at a party. It wasn’t really doing anything until this girl walked into the room, then it went nuts, moving erratically all over the board. We all freaked out, accused the girl of witchcraft and demonic possession and never touched the thing again. As freaky as that was, at least no one got stabbed in the neck with the planchette, which is what happens in the cold opening of “The Mentalists,” this week’s episode of Supernatural.

When last we left the Winchester boys, they had gone their separate ways. A Leviathan in Dean’s clothing told Sam about Amy. Naturally, Sam was dismayed, though I expected him to get a little more emotional about it. Instead, he just sort of calmly walked away and told Dean he’s on his own. Since the breakup wasn’t as dramatic as it could (or should) have been, I guess that means the brothers will be reuniting sooner than later.

And what do you know? Both of them show up in the same town to investigate the deaths of a couple of psychics. Seems this town has more psychics per capita than San Francisco has gays. Sam and Dean have an awkward reunion, and we learn it’s been a whole week since their separation. Sam should do what I do when I break up with someone: pack a bag, cash in some miles and go into hiding until the calls and emails stop. But this is Supernatural, and Jared and Jensen are contractually obligated to be in the show, so they agree to work together to solve the mystery of the murdered mentalists.

Even though most of the so-called psychics in town are all phonies and charlatans, they can spot the angst and tension around the brothers right away. Lots of skeletons and ghosts in that closet, wouldn’t you agree? And speaking of ghosts, when the next paranormal practitioner dies, the boys narrow their suspects down to those of a non-corporeal nature and head to the local museum to get more intel. They find their prime suspect, a psychic entertainer from back in the day. She’s pictured with her sister, and the helpful docent informs them that while one sister was an entertainer, the other was pretty boring, so it’s probably the cool sister they want. The boys think they’ve found their murdering ghost, but they also find some drama and have a little scene outside the museum.

Dean, being Dean, tells Sam he had to kill Amy, because Sam couldn’t do it. And, by the way, until recently, Sam’s been kind of a mess, chatting with Satan and waving a gun around. Ouch. Way harsh, Tai. That’s right up there with “You made me hit you” on the list of excuses you don’t want to hear. Dean tells Sam to stop being a little bitch, and Sam glowers. Finally, some glowering! Glower on, Sam, you magnificent glowering bastard.

They head to the graveyard to burn some bones, and it becomes clear right away that the sister they think is doing the killing is actually just trying to warn people about the other sister. Instead of listening to her, they set her on fire, because we’re only about 40 minutes into the show, and not listening to people (or ghosts) with important information is the foundation of all supernatural drama.

Sure enough, even though they whack the ghost, the murders continue. It’s the other sister, stupid! But things get a little complicated when they find out the ghost is just doing the bidding of one of the locals. He’s the real deal, an actual real live psychic, only he’s not so good at making money at it. So he and his ghoulfriend have been knocking off the most profitable hucksters for sport. And P.S., he keeps her bones in his bed. That’s so emo.

The boys save the day and the pretty girl. Why can’t they ever save the day and the pretty boy? After sending Dean into gay panic a couple of times during the episode, I guess they felt the need to reaffirm his hetero-ness with a tacked on flirtation. However, the more significant denouement here is the rapid reconciliation of the brothers. Sam says he gets why Dean killed Amy. I’m sorry, what? All it takes is Dean calling him a bitch, and he suddenly understands it all? Dean says he just had to trust his gut. Sam wants Dean to share more of his guts, but he shuts down, and the brothers hop in their stolen car and head off for their next adventure. Only…why does it feel so unresolved. Has the whole Amy thing really been wrapped up this quickly?

You never know with this show, but I think it’s safe to say that what’s really eating Dean isn’t that he killed Amy. It’s that he no longer trusts his brother. And losing that feeling of security is killing him. Dean very well may be heading for a breakdown, which is not going to be pretty. And you don’t need a psychic or Ouija board to tell you that.

NEXT WEEK: Sam appears on Oprah’s Lifeclass to discuss the freeing nature of forgiving someone really fast.

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