Walking Dead: What Not to Wear

Only a select few in this world can really wear overalls and make it work. Mario and Luigi. Season three Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Farm boys in Bruce Weber photographs. For some, it just works. They were made to be strapped into a dated, horrid, denim one-piece. Missing from this list, and rightly so, is Shane, but he wears them anyway, in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead.

Episode four, “Cherokee Rose,” serves us Shane in some overalls, five sizes too big, literally standing in Otis’s shoes and wearing his clothing. I guess his police uniform was in the wash. (These people do get all kinds of gross.) Anyway, the group has mostly come back together after the previous week’s events, and most are at the farm. Carl is slowly recovering, the group still searches for Sophia, and Herschel’s family and friends hold a ceremony for a friend who didn’t make it.

No. Just…no.

Lies are told and knowing looks are exchanged, and not just in the opening scene, but throughout the entire episode. Because of that, “Cherokee Rose” succeeds in many ways.

First, it sets up a better search for Sophia, with Herschel and Maggie offering up an actual map of the area and exposing the group to places they may have missed. This seems to offer a bit of headway in the search, and some interesting clues are found along the way that I won’t spoil here. Again, we see great depth from Daryl, and a touching scene with him and Carol is what gives us the title of the episode. It’s my hope that Daryl finds Sophia, and this little girl becomes crazily obsessed with the dirty redneck. Sort of like a creepy Colin Creevey following around an annoyed Harry Potter. It’d be so cute.

Some juicy secrets are exposed in this episode, and they force some characters into relationships with others they would never have had before. For instance, when Maggie and Glenn offer to go into town on horseback to find some medicine and supplies…somebody just might need something, and somebody might not want anyone else to know what it is. But I won’t say a word. Not one single word.


If you watch carefully, you’ll see some hints regarding the group’s new location and some possible secrets it might be holding. Really, though, at this point, I think the show is just following a basic (very basic) plot line from the comics, picking locations from the comic, but changing up everything else. So, when I think about what might be hidden or what might not be said regarding Herschel’s farm, I might be completely wrong, and that’s because I’ve read the comics. It keeps me guessing, which is what I assume the show’s creative team wants. If we knew everything that’s going to happen, where would the fun be?

One important thing that sticks out to me is Rick’s plea to Herschel to let everyone stay once people have recovered and are healthy again. Herschel seems to want everyone to leave as soon as they can. While he says he’ll consider letting them remain there, something tells me zombies are gonna be messing all that up. Just a thought.

Also in this episode: grossest zombie kill yet. Seriously, I almost ralphed. I might never drink water again.

Finally, as awful as Shane’s temporary overalls are, nothing bugs me as much as Dale’s hat. His stupid Stussy fishing hat. Could a zombie please snatch it off of his head?


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Terry Blas is the creator of the web comic Briar Hollow and cohost of The Gnerd podcast.image