Join Team FBOTU Today!

You made a resolution to find a new hobby, or to get more involved in the geek community. Or maybe you pledged to get your writing out there for people to read on a wider scale. Whatever may be motivating you, we want you to join Team FBOTU!

So, what does it take? In the world of online journalism and feature writing, you really need to be self-motivated and driven. These are largely unpaid positions, so it’s got to be a labor of love. I say “largely,” because there are a few perks along the way, some intangible, some substantial (i.e., free movie tickets, DVDs, convention passes, etc.).

Here are a few key positions we’re looking to fill as soon as possible.

Tumblr Editor
We love Tumblr. We just don’t have the time to curate our page. So, if you’re a Tumblr fan and have fun and irreverent taste in all things geeky, then you’d be perfect to take on the FBOTU Tumblr page. (Sorry, no nudity allowed; it’s a PG-13 page.)

News Editor
You’re clicking on geek-related headlines all day, every day, so why not help shape the tone and editorial direction of FBOTU? We need 10 awesome headlines (with accompanying links) a day, 5 days a week. A fun and easy way to make your mark!

TV Contributing Writers
Have a favorite show you watch religiously? Want to blog about it? Or maybe you already blog about it, but you’d love to expand your audience? We’re looking for writers to cover TV shows on an ongoing basis, so we’re really looking for more than a one-time recap. TV coverage is due by the end of the day, the day after the episode airs, so there is a deadline to keep you motivated.

Web Cartoonist
This has been a dream of ours for a while, so we’re putting it out there in the universe, and hopefully something will come of it. We’d love to launch an online webcomic exclusive to FBOTU. Whether you’re an artist/writer or an artist who’d like to work with a writer, let us know. For all your hard work, you’ll be getting a substantial stage, with an instant built-in audience, plus the publicity machine behind FBOTU, as well as potential publishing opportunities. Win-win!

To submit yourself for any of the positions above, or if you have ideas for other ways you can contribute to FBOTU, just email FBOTU Overlord Chance at! or PM him via the Forum page. Easy!

Thanks for your time, and we look forward to your




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