Robot, Ninja and Gay Guy: Epic Silliness

If you’ve been jonesing for a Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy fix while impatiently awaiting a second season, Travis Richey (aka Gay Guy, aka Inspector Spacetime) and the RNGG gang have a treat for you, in the form of a new series of trailers publicizing the first season of the popular webseries. Each of the titular characters gets his own introductory trailer, each in a different cinematic style. Since the series is best known for sending up the tropes of television’s beloved sitcoms, it’s fabulous to see them take on a few cinematic cliches as well.
Robot’s trailer is all sci-fi action and adventure; Ninja’s is a heart-stirring epic; and Gay Guy’s is pure romantic comedy. Even nosy neighbor Mr. Furper (Nicholas Brendon of Buffy and Psycho Beach Party fame) gets a Bond-esque spy theme. You can watch each of the trailers below, as well as the first episode of season one. (You know, in case you have no idea what I’m talking about.)
You can also help make season two a reality by donating to the cause on the official RNGG website. Now…watch, enjoy and share!
Robot (Ryan Churchill):

Ninja (Brian Giovanni):

Gay Guy (Travis Richey):

Mr. Furper (Nicholas Brendan):

Episode 1:

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