Everyday I’m Tumblin’

We’ve been obsessed with Tumblr for a while now. Hesitant at first, yes, because who needs another social networking site? But Tumblr is so much more. If Facebook is a ledger of all the boring stuff you do all day, Tumblr is a scrapbook of all the disparate, bizarre or goofy things crammed into your brain and soul: memes, memories and madness.

To translate the spirit of FBOTU to Tumblr, we needed an editor and curator with impeccable credentials, a keen eye for gay geek sensibility and, most importantly, willing to work for little or no pay. And I’m very pleased to announce that we found our man! Please join us in welcoming Chris to Team FBOTU! Not only is Chris a Level 80 gay geek, he’s also the co-host of the popular gaymer podcast, This Is Outcasted.

Chris describes himself as half-Korean and all-awesome, and we agree! In addition to being well-versed in all things geeky, he’s also an avid comic book reader, a seasoned gaymer and a frequent panelist at Gaylaxicon. FBOTU‘s Tumblr page couldn’t be in better hands. In the few short days Chris has been in charge, he’s really captured the spirit of FBOTU: goofy, geeky, sentimental and a little sexy.

So, what are you waiting for? Follow FBOTU on Tumblr today!

You can tune in to Chris’s podcast This Is Outcasted at their official site and on iTunes, and you can follow the exploits of the Outcasted guys on Twitter.

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