Walking Dead: More of the Same

And they’re back.

For some reason, AMC has made us wait three months for the return of The Walking Dead which, if you ask me, wasn’t a very good idea considering the slow start to its second season.

I didn’t expect this episode to pick up at the exact moment they left us in the mid-season finale, but it sure does. “Nebraska” focuses largely on the aftermath of the zombie shootout and surprise ending of the previous episode, and for the first half of the episode, there isn’t really much of anything new.

Shane and Rick fight, Lori complains, Andrea sides with Shane, Maggie and Glenn make googly eyes at each other, Darryl tries to comfort Carol, and Herschel yells at everyone to get off his farm.

The only thing that’s changed is that now, no one is looking for Sophia anymore. Dale does open up to Lori about how he suspects Shane of foul play regarding Otis’ death, and one of Herschel’s daughters faints in shock, but Herschel isn’t anywhere to be found.

The second half of the episode is much better and more interestingly told, with Rick and Glenn going out to look for Herschel. I won’t ruin what happens after they find him and talk, because it made for a tense and well-written scene, but Herschel has a great monologue about living in denial and giving up hope. Also, some important information regarding Fort Benning (our group’s destination) is divulged. Keep your ears open.

Also, for some reason, Lori thinks she needs to go look for Rick. Don’t ask me why. I honestly couldn’t tell you. But what happens to her…

Oh, Lori, you’re so stupid.

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I think a few more zombies might actually help this show. I’ve said it before in my reviews that I believe any good zombie story is actually about the people left behind and not the zombies, but this show really needs to balance things out a bit more. Take a page from Buffy or any other show that has an equal amount of monster and human storytelling. Plus—I don’t know—add a gay character. As trivial as that sounds, it would certainly make me more interested. This group needs some new, interesting, fresh blood. Either that or attempt to make some of the existing characters…deeper. Because for a show about people on the run, The Walking Dead moves far, far too slow for me.

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