Being Human (US): Skinemax Edition

“Addicted to Love” is a great episode to show the debauchery that often comes with addiction, but perhaps it should have been called “Addicted to Carnal Gratification.” Season promos promised we’d see the characters give in to their frightening temptations, and boy do they finally deliver. Skin lovers rejoice; there is major nakedness in this episode of Being Human.

From the opening scene, I thought I was watching a flick on Skinemax. Having body-jumped, our favorite ghost was in a full-on Sally Ride with the cute doctor; Aidan and Suren were high in a feasting, blood-sex stupor; and Josh was involved in a foursome in a storage unit…scientifically planning how to monitor serotonin levels during the change. It can’t get any hotter.


Sally has been getting some serious action possessing Janet, the cute doctor’s gal pal. Now, it’s tough to say if it’s the possession or the wall-banging sex that she’s addicted to, but either way she can’t stop, and she pays the price. She gets stuck. As Janet, she begs Josh to help her escape, but he confronts her with her addiction. While waiting to meet Dr. Feelgood’s mother, Sally runs into her dark, smoky ghost and the impact literally ejects her from Janet’s body. Sally looks like death.

For four episodes, Aidan’s past has been taunting the audience, but in episode five, the dots finally connect. Power and sex-hungry Henry uses Suren as a means to that end. Through flashback, at what resembles a 1920s Founder’s Ball, Mother tells Suren they will move on and leave Henry behind. Desperate to see her love, Suren discovers Henry bone deep in one of the party guests. Enraged, she brutally attacks Henry’s conquest, exposing the coven and leading to no alternative but human slaughter, sending Suren six-feet under.

But now, Aidan and Suren have a great relationship. He satiates his bloodlust and, in turn, she gives him orders. When Mother calls, they appear, like teenagers busted in the middle of their virgin voyage. Mother sends Aidan away and reminds Suren that her release was an un-earned privilege, and she has no problem returning her lovely daughter to the grave.

Mitchell who?

From the beginning, Nora is against Connor, Brynn and their need to help Josh find a cure, but when Connor confronts her alone, at the hospital, it comes out that she’s actually afraid of a cure. Being the beast has become her addiction, and she wants to let her wolf out.

When Will, Nora’s violent and abusive ex, shows up at the hospital begging her forgiveness, it pisses Josh off. Goaded by Connor, Josh’s anger fuels the revenge that becomes his addiction. He opens up that can of whoop-ass on Will, but Nora stops him. She doesn’t want Josh to become that violent, aggressive guy for her.

When the roommates gather at home for a little group support, a dazed Janet comes knocking with Sally’s memories in tow. Sally realizes she’s left a piece of herself inside Janet and needs to get it back. Sally goes to confront Janet and instead finds her obsessively drawing the black figure, clearly labeled, “The Reaper.” At least now she knows what’s after her. Is this what happens when you miss your door?

That night, as the moon rises, Suren and Aidan set out to eliminate the orphans. They find an abandoned nest, but it appears the vampires were tipped off by the oldest orphan of all, Henry.  Knowing it could push the Princess off the edge, Aidan hides Henry from sight.

On her way to meet Josh, Nora encounters Brynn who lures her into exploring the wolf within. As Nora admits to stalking Will and verbalizing her fantasies of destroying him, the audience watches as Nora, Connor and Brynn, as a pack, hunt Will down and tear him to kibble.

This episode ends as naked as it began. Josh wakes up alone in a storage locker, while Nora wakes up in the forest, in a filthy, brother/sister three-way. Aidan says in his opening monologue, “When a monster sets sail for rock bottom, there’s no telling what destruction he’ll leave in his wake.” Tonight, every single character pulls the pin on his own addiction grenade.

Let the devastation begin.

Jim C. is a sci-fi/supernatural/federation/superhero/Cylon teacher nerd, obsessed with TV, books and film. He spent his childhood reading comics, writing morbid horror stories and being the token tormented class homo, but he thinks he turned out pretty freakin’ awesome. image
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