Walking Dead: Have You Seen Carl?

This past week, on Facebook, a friend of mine posted a reworked poster for The Walking Dead. It showed Herschel’s farm, and standing in front of it, in the grass was little Carl. In a horror movie-ish typeface, instead of The Walking Dead, it said: STAY IN THE F***ING HOUSE, CARL. Another friend posted an image of Carl trying to talk to his mother, Lori. He says: “Mom, I have to tell you some-” Lori cuts him of. She replies: “Not now Carl. I’m busy effing things up.” A defeated Carl slinks away in the next image and utters: “Me too mom…me too.”


I find these little jokes people are making to actually be quite funny. Would things run smoother if Carl just stayed in the house? Yes. Does Lori often mess stuff up with her mood swingy sense of not wanting to commit to anything? Sure. But were these things to be fixed, I’m sure some people would begin to argue that it wouldn’t be as good of a show. I disagree. I think they should begin to find a good balance of the two. Keep Carl in the house most of the time. Have Lori be annoying only half of the time. I don’t know.

All that being said, I think the season two finale of The Walking Dead is a big apology from the creators: “Sorry about Season 2! Here, have a crazy amount of zombies!” Of course, the episode deals with the zombie horde that we see heading toward the farm at the end of the previous episode. To tell you much more than that would really ruin a lot of the great surprises (and boy are there several), but I’ll do my best to navigate you through this review without revealing too much of the fun stuff.

Essentially, there are just too many zombies for the group to deal with. Carl and Rick have to run an obstacle course of zombie mayhem back to the house, but even they can’t get that far. They opt for the barn, which gives Rick a minute to come up with a plan. BECAUSE CARL LEFT THE HOUSE, Lori is flipping out, trying to find him and holds everyone back from running to cars or prepping some guns. She simply won’t leave without her boy and has the audacity to yell this in Carol‘s face, who, if you recall, has just lost Sophia. Can you tell I don’t like Lori?

Basically, everyone fights. Cue more gunshots than I think I’ve ever heard. People get separated, and a large majority of the episode deals with trying to get the group back together and find out what happened to everyone. Some people die. Some people live. Andrea, who is alone and everyone suspects to be dead, is pretty boss in this episode. She does a good job of fending off zombies and just when it seems like she might not make it, there is a huge shocker that I think many fans of the comic will be happy about.

When the group gets mostly back together, Rick seems to be losing it. He reveals several big secrets and tells everyone that they are no longer living in a democracy. It has become what I will now refer to as “The Ricktatorship.” He tells anyone who disagrees and/or wants to leave, to take a hike. No one speaks up.

Also, little spoiler: Remember when Lori hinted that Rick should kill Shane. Yeah, well, she’s pissed that he did it. There’s no pleasing this woman.

I thought the episode was great. It was exciting and full of surprises. My jaw dropped at one point, and while I usually take notes for my reviews while watching the episode, this one had my full attention, which hasn’t happened since the episode with the shootout in the bar. I’m excited for Season 3, and luckily we only have to wait till the fall, but considering Game of Thrones and Mad Men are both starting back up very soon, I will be just fine. I’ll be turning into a very different sort of zombie, one who watches entirely too much television.

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