Being Human (US): Don’t Eat Josh

“Oh, Dream Reaper. I believe you can get me through the night.” Had Gary Wright changed the lyrics to his 70s classic just slightly, this week’s episode of Being Human (US) may have been the perfect music video for his song. It’s certainly the ideal theme song for Sally.

Sally’s haunting opening monologue over a picture-perfect, spot-color monochromatic world, sets the stage for the challenge of the day. “To solve a problem, you have to admit it exists, but sometimes the problem is you. You can’t save yourself, if you don’t know the danger you’re in.” Sally’s traumatized mind has created an alternate reality as a coping mechanism. She believes herself to be living in a delightfully modern version of the Boston flat with her perfect husband, Scott (aka The Reaper). In violet, Sally and Scott pop so nicely against the wild, black and white interiors. David Bromstad would go bananas. It’s great to see Sally with a different outfit and hairstyle for once. Purple looks good on you, Sal.

Meanwhile, in reality, Josh and Aidan are just as mental. Still fueled from the adrenaline of Sally’s attack, Aidan’s betrayal, and the rising full moon, Josh begins to yammer and nitpick Aidan, which isn’t too wise. He hasn’t had blood in over 24 hours, and everyone can still smell the slaughter from upstairs. They need to focus on Sally and how best to help her.

It’s time to call in the Ghost Whisperer, Zoe. Just be sure to leave out the fact that Sally just shredded her boyfriend. Nurse Zoe determines Sally’s mind created the Reaper to satisfy the worst she was waiting for. Now, if he wins, he’ll take over completely. They try to reach Sally, calling out to her, but Reaper Scott won’t have it. He sets her mind at ease, and convinces her that “No one can trick you better than you.” He’s right, Sally, you just need to figure out which side is the trick.

The Reaper’s energy locks down the house with Josh, Aidan and Zoe trapped inside. How inconvenient. Aidan’s still starving, and Josh is supposed to turn in a few hours. Either way, it looks like Zoe will be dinner. All this tension pushes the limits of Josh and Aidan’s bromance. Zoe attempts an astral mind meld, but just when she’s about to enter, Linda Blair erupts. Trapped in her salt prison, The Reaper taunts them, making them feel guilty for abandoning Sally, pitting them against each other, and revealing she shredded Nick. Eventually the boys have to reveal their monsters to Zoe, and Zoe agrees to the meld and beams into Sally’s world.

In her Stepford utopia, Sally prepares for her engagement party and finds her old friend, gray sweater. It helps her start to remember. Zoe appears at the party and tries to convince Sally, mentioning Aidan and Josh, and just when she’s about to break through, a hungry Aidan digs in. Josh stops Aidan from feeding on Zoe, and they battle in an aggressive, heartfelt breakdown. Neither of them can hang on anymore, but Josh vows to hold them together. In the ultimate bro-sacrifice, he offers himself to Aidan. The homoerotic connection we’ve all been waiting for.

Okay, not that connection, but it’s likely as close as Syfy will come. Despite the taboo nature of feeding on a fellow monster (plus, the smell), Aidan gives in. He feeds on Josh…and he likes it. Josh tastes good. His blood makes Aidan tingle; he’s never felt like this before, and…it’s toxic. That’s one way to ensure it won’t happen again. Damn you, Syfy!

As Aidan writhes in pain and Zoe pleads, Sally understands where she really belongs. She swan dives off the top of the stairs leaving Reaper Scott behind. Doing so releases the lock on the house and frees its prisoners. While Aidan and Josh forgive Sally, Zoe vows that she never will, and like always, everyone abandons Sally, leaving her alone with her thoughts. Sadly, she realizes, the imbalance will always be there, and try as she may to evict him, so will Scott.

The Reaper is a part of her now and he’ll always be waiting for her to fall.

Jim C. is a sci-fi/supernatural/federation/superhero/Cylon teacher nerd, obsessed with TV, books and film. He spent his childhood reading comics, writing morbid horror stories and being the token tormented class homo, but he thinks he turned out pretty freakin’ awesome. image