Random Listing: Top 8 “Archer” Finale Moments

The third season of Archer went by in a flash, didn’t it? And just when we thought the show couldn’t possibly get any better, they give us this hilarious, action-packed season finale, where even Cheryl calls out Archer on his selfishness. Cheryl! That was definitely one of our favorite moments, but here are eight more.

1. The Star Wars references fly throughout “Space Race: Part 2,” with Archer leaving his lightsaber in his other pants, and Pam quoting Han Solo. But our favorite is when Lana takes control of their escape and blasts a whole in the garbage chute, but the guys refuse to jump in. “Do you have a better idea?” She asks. “Well,” Archer says, “we could eat a big bowl of hepatitises A though E.”
2. While Lana, Pam and Malory are all understandably horrified at the thought of playing the role of “Eve” on Mars, Cheryl has loftier ambitions. Princess of Mars won’t do for Cheryl; she wants to be queen. When Pam dashes her dreams, Cheryl decrees, “She’ll do anything to keep us from the throne which is our birthright!”
3. In “Part 1,” Malory improvised a cocktail using Tang and rubbing alcohol. By the end of “Part 2,” she’s drunk enough to go into stasis. “Wake me up when we’re on the ground, preferably above 72nd street.”
4. As if there weren’t enough geeky references already, a disgruntled mutineer declares that an inpenetrable door must be “some alloy of adamantium and mythril.” That’s dwarven technology for you.
5. For every high school kid who’s ever suffered through Animal Farm, Archer feels your pain. “Spoiler alert! It sucks!”
6. “That’s like killing a unicorn.” 
7. Thanks to selling out Lana and his teammates, Krieger’s able to resurrect his sweet ride and his sweet virtual bride. ”Oh Kreiger-san, I never judge you,” she promises. “Well, your mother sure as hell does!”
8. “Whore-diot.”