Supernatural: Born (Again) This Way

Sam’s all f***ked up. Satan is inside him, and he’s not being very gentle about it.

As “The Born-Again Identity” begins, Sam is running around the backlot of the Supernatural studios in Vancover, trying to get away from Lucifer, who’s amped up his obnoxiousness to Limbaugh levels. Sammy runs into a nice drug dealer who offers to knock him out. It is very, very, very wrong to roofie Sam (or anyone), but I couldn’t help thinking of the implications, as he and his drug dealer attempt to take a nap together. The drug-induced rest doesn’t last long, though, and Lucifer gives Sam a wake-up call before herding him head on into a moving car. (Not the face! Not the face!)  
Thankfully, Sam (and his beautiful hair) survive, with some broken ribs, a few lacerations and, oh yeah, a total psychotic break. Dean finally shows up and promises to find help, but only after calling him “Dalai Yoda” and accusing him of not being mad enough at his psychosis. Great bedside manner, Dean. At least he goes out looking for help. Someday, when I finally have my big, psychotic break, I hope one of you nice readers will go looking for a cure for me. 

Sam goes through Bobby‘s little black book, or his dad’s journal, I couldn’t tell, until the blustery spirit of Bobby points him to someone who has a lead on a spiritual healer. Dean goes to check it out and comes face to face with a demon, who’s also interested in this healer, “Emanuel.” Dean demon-stabs him and knocks him down the stairs, where he ends up at the feet of Emanuel, a handsome fellow who looks an awful lot like Castiel

Emanuel introduces Dean to his wife. (Yes, wife!) And Dean catches on that Cas can’t or won’t remember his past. Hoping to be helpful, Emanuel/Cas asks Dean what his damage is, and Dean says, “My brudder.” Awww. Manny tells Dean his story, namely that he was found a few months ago, naked and memory-less. Why couldn’t we get a flashback of that?!

Meanwhile, Sam’s still insane, and now his body is shutting down from lack of sleep. (Aw, remember college?) But he still manages to make a generic hospital gown look super hot. He also gets chummy with a fellow psych inmate who’s been bringing him power bars. She hears voices, too, which is a great pickup line, whether you’re in a psych ward or not.   

On the road trip back to save Sam, Dean tells Manny all about some guy named Cas, without telling him the truth. Dean’s still p***ed that Cas went all god complex on them, when they needed him. Dean makes a stop at a typical Supernatural convenience store of death and gets ambushed by demons. And guess who comes to his rescue? Good, ol’ Meg. She wants Crowley out of Heck and Lucifer back in, so she proposes they all work together.   

Back at the hospital, Sam musters enough strength to put his new friend’s dead brother to rest, which is really very sweet. They should do more episodes in mental hospitals, helping people get rid of their inner voices.  

Dean and friends finally show up, and we’re soon treated to flashbacks of Cas’s greatest hits, as he puts all the demons down. His horrific memories come flooding back, and he remembers Dean! There are no hugs or happy reunions, though, since Cas is feeling somewhat regretful. He and Dean chat at length about his sins, while poor Sammy is wheeled in for electro-shock therapy by a demon. Cas says he deserves to die for all the chaos he caused. Snap! Crackle! Zzzzzt! (Those are the sounds of Sam frying, while Dean and Cas have a heart-to-heart right outside.) Dean finally hands Cas his skanky-ass trenchcoat. Ugh. Couldn’t someone have washed the thing first? Or at least sprayed it with Febreeze? 
Just as Sammy’s getting the full Carrie Fisher ECT treatment, Cas comes to the rescue! He unstraps Sammy and attemtps to repair the wall in his mind. Sadly, the wall is nothing but metophorical dust. He can’t rebuild it. Sam is doomed. Dooooooomed! But wait! Maybe he can shift whatever’s going on in Sam’s head. And by shift, he means trade places with Sam. He takes on the hallucinations and the built-in Satan bluetooth. The hospital releases Sam and admits Cas.
Sam tells Dean he’s apprehensive about accepting Meg’s help. Dean says, “I get it. She’s not our friend. We don’t have friends. All our friends are dead.” I’d love to have that on a t-shirt, wouldn’t you?   
Finally, we see Meg applying for a job at the hospital, so she can keep on eye on Cas and the devil inside.
It was great to have Cas back and great to see Meg again. I’m a little disappointed that Sam is rid of Lucifer. I was digging their creepy relationship. Maybe he’ll get mind-melded with someone else who will torture him with endless singing and melodrama. I vote for one of the Glee kids.  

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