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FBOTU Reveals New T-Shirt for SDCC

Good news, everyone! We have brand new Fanboys of the Universe t-shirts for San Diego Comic-Con this year! Our rainbow geek logo has been very popular on buttons, so we decided to put it on a shirt. Trust me, no one will miss the fact you’re an out and proud gay geek when you’re rocking this number. Your friends will be able to see you across the convention floor from the bright colors and fierce pride emanating from your chest. It’s an awesome shirt, and you’re going to love it!

We only made a small batch of shirts this time around, so quantities are limited and they’re going to go fast. If you want a t-shirt, here are a few tips:

1. Follow FBOTU on Twitter! I will be updating my whereabouts throughout the day, and I’ll have a few t-shirts with me wherever I go.
2. Visit the Prism Comics booth and tell them you want your FBOTU t-shirt. (But say it nicer than that, please.)
3. Come to either of the panels FBOTU is hosting: “Northwest Press” (Thursday, 5:00PM) or “Northstar: From Coming Out to Getting Married” (Saturday, 1:00PM). I’ll have a stash of t-shirts at each panel.

Oh, yeah. One more thing. They are ABSOLUTELY FREE! So I better see you wearing your shirt all weekend. (Maybe wash it every night, though.)

See you in San Diego!


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