Community: Beach Blanket Batgrrl

In our on-going effort to promote gay geek community-building, we wanted to make you all aware of this cool event on Friday, August 17, hosted by Geeks OUT in Brooklyn, NY. Even if you’re not in the New York area, take a look at the partnerships involved in this particular event—maybe it will inspire you to plan something like it wherever you live! Or, if you have events you’d like to share with the FBOTU community, send them to
As a tribute to the Batgirl of the 60s—a librarian by day and a masked superhero by night—the comic nerds of Geeks OUT and the librarians of Que(e)ry have joined forces to throw the biggest queer geek bash of the summer: Beach Blanket Batgrrl! Grab a drink from One Last Shag’s retro tiki bar, dance the night away to Disco, Motown and more with DJs Meridian, Tubby Lambergini and Big Ragoo, and mingle on the beach patio under the stars of Gotham City.
One Last Shag is located at 348 Franklin Ave., between Lexington and Greene, in Bed-Stuy.
Founded in 2010, Geeks OUT is an organization dedicated to promoting and representing the growing segment of geek culture that is queer. In additon to bringing LGBT content to pop culture conventions, Geeks OUT also hosts monthly social events for the queer geek community in New York City. More information is available at

Que(e)ry began in 2010 as a spinoff of The Desk Set, an informal group of librarians, archivists, library science students and other individuals who love books. Que(e)ry aims to promote awareness for libraries and archives of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer and two-spirit rights and heritage. Learn more about Que(e)ry at