Rumors from Asgard: Kevin McKidd as Thor?

The interwebs is a-buzzin’ with the latest Thor casting rumor. Apparently, Rome and Trainspotting star Kevin McKidd has made the short list to play mild-mannered Dr. Donald Blake in his adventures being possessed by a Norse god. I enjoyed Mr. McKidd in Rome, especially his bromance with sexy soldier Ray Stevenson, who’s now playing Frank Castle in the new Punisher movie, War Zone. Thor and Frank Castle should really team up, I think, and assassinate Julius Caesar, then maybe take a long, hot shower together. But there I go mixing my genres and fantasies again.

If McKidd signs on, who should play Loki? Alan Cumming seems an obvious choice. But I still haven’t forgiven him for appearing in the dreadful Tin Man last year. They’ll probably go with James Franco. He’s in everything nowadays anyway. As for Nurse Jane Foster, I suggest Kate Winslet or maybe Kate Beckinsale. Really, any British Kate will do. Or a Keira. But no American Katies, please. And Odin should be played by Ian McKellen or maybe Bea Arthur.