FBOTU Book Club: Watchmen (Two Weeks Left!)

Art by Evan Shaner

How’s the reading going? Hopefully everyone is well into the book by now. If not, fret not. You still have two weeks to get Watchmen and read the hell out of it. I think I know the FBOTU crowd a little bit by now, so I can’t imagine anyone would think this, but just in case you’re wondering, “Why should I read the book? The movie is coming out in a couple of weeks?” let me share this true story with you. I went ice skating recently with a couple of enemies of mine, as I am wont to do. I had just landed an admittedly shaky waltz jump that had my adversaries snickering. Just then, another skater zoomed by wearing a trench coat and a Rorschach mask. The topic of conversation shifted from my shaky landing to the Watchmen movie. My foes scoffed at the idea and dismissed it as another silly superhero movie. Seeing my opportunity to school them, I jumped in and declared that not only would I be seeing the movie, but that I had read the book! “If you’d read the book,” I explained, “you’d understand. But since you haven’t, I’m afraid there’s just no talking to you.” With that, I skated off with Rorschach. True story. So preserve your fanboy superiority over others and read Watchmen today! Remember, discussion begins March 4 in the Forum. See you there!

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