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Toy Review: She’s a Wonder

Toy Review

Subject: DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman
Distribution: Wave 4;  Figure 1
Accessories: Battle ax, shield, lasso (attached to figure)
Build-A-Figure: Despero’s right leg



At the risk of having this website taken away, I must confess that, until recently, I had never owned nor played with any superhero action figures. I was raised on He-Man and Star Wars figures, but never dabbled in the tights and capes crew until now. Lately, I’ve been picking up the DC Universe Classics figures sculpted by the Four Horsemen design team, and have really become hooked on them. I have Nightwing, Robin, Green Lantern, Mullet Magic Superman, Aquaman and now, gay icon and Amazon princess, Wonder Woman. I’ve been opening all of these figures, and it’s hard to resist playing with them. Though not as detailed as a higher-end collection line would be, the DC Universe Classics figures are certainly colorful, well-sculpted and articulated in a way that can only be described as “superheroic.” I love the ankle joint that allows for the pointing of the toe, which is so critical in flight. Articulated female arms are difficult to do, I know, and the DCUC Wonder Woman’s arms actually look a little T-rexy in nature, but I don’t know how you could beef them up without making her look too manly or losing the articulation. If you have the opportunity to examine these figures before buying them, I would suggest looking closely at the paint job. My Wonder Woman had red paint from her bodice sprayed across her neck and upper breast, which could either be explained away as bloodspray from an enemy, or just poor quality control in the factory. Also, the seams where the figure’s torso is glued together are a little rougher than I would expect. However, for poseability and play, Wonder Woman (and the rest of the line I’ve acquired) are top notch. The Build-A-Figure component is of no particular interest to me, since I’m not a completist, so if anyone wants Depsero’s right leg, it’s yours.

On the FBOTU Scale of Fabulousness, I give the DC Universe Classics Wonder Woman 4 out of 5 lipstick smileys:  kiss  kiss  kiss  kiss

And for no reason, here’s Wonder Woman and Faker:



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