DVD Review: Tales of the Black Freighter/Under the Hood

DVD Review

Title: Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood
Starring: Gerard Butler, Ted Friend, Carla Gugino, Stephen McHattie
Bonus Features: Story Within a Story: The Books of Watchmen Documentary, Watchmen Motion Comic Episode 1; Green Lantern First Look

Even after re-reading the book recently, then seeing the movie four times, I still can’t get enough of Watchmen. DC and Warner Brothers must have anticipated this, so they’ve released an animated version of the comic book-within-a-book Tales of the Black Freighter, along with a faux documentary featuring Hollis Mason and his Under the Hood tell-all. Both short films add important subtext and backstory to the Watchmen saga. Let’s start with Black Freighter. (More…)

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