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Countdown to Halloween II: Who Trick-or-Treats the Watchmen?

Last week, we explored the costume possibilities within the Star Wars uberverse. This week, we’re going to take a look at the most-talked about cultural event of the year

of last March: The Watchmen. In addition to being a great couples or group costume, dressing up as a member of the Watchmen brings with it a certain amount of geek chic. Not everyone will know who or what the hell you’re dressed as, and that’s cool. Everyone will be dressed as Batman, but you’ll be dressed as Night Owl II. And if you blast Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” from your MP3 player, you’re much more likely to attract and seduce your very own Ozymandias on Halloween night.


The Comedian and Rorschach aren’t bad, really. Their costumes are certainly visually iconic, but they don’t depend so much on sculpted and fitted foam and latex, so they look more realistic for the casual costume-wearing crowd. Night Owl and Ozymandias are a little problematic. Ozy’s costuming is relying on the never-convincing padded muscle chest piece. And Night Owl’s costume falls just short of being pajamas. It would really need some tailoring to tighten up those pants. Adding a sculpted codpiece and utility belt would help a lot, too. As for Laurie (aka Silk Spectre II), it’s a fabulous costume, but I don’t see any actual women wearing this. Instead, I expect to see a few statuesque drag queens rocking those boots on Santa Monica Boulevard on Halloween.

Of course, someone is missing from this lineup. Probably the easiest Watchmen costume of all. I mean, what do you really need for an effective Doctor Manhattan costume? Let’s make a list. 1. Blue body paint. 2. Black Speedo. 3. Black Speedo is optional. Here are a couple of pics of Docs from various con appearances:


See? Super easy. But you know what these guys definitely don’t need? This crap:


When you’re putting together your Doctor Manhattan look, are you really thinking, “Know what will make this complete? A big rubbery mask and freaky blue gloves!” No. Just go with the body paint. And if you need someone to paint you, just let me know. I’d be happy to help.

Watchmen costumes are available wherever licensed costumes from box office disappointments are sold. So, you know, everywhere.