WWXW (What Would Xena Wear?)

I don’t know how many of you have been following Paris Fashion Week. (Crickets.) It’s not really a big fanboy draw, I know, yet as a gay guy, I kind of like looking at fabulous clothes I’ll never own. So imagine my glee when reports started pouring in about Christophe Decarnin‘s Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Balmain. When fashion news drops descriptions like “warrior princess” and “Tina Turner in Thunderdome,” I perk up. Decarnin is best known for his high-end army surplus-inspired fashions and for reinventing and reintroducing ripped jeans to the world. The military look continues with this new collection, but with the added benefit of chainmail and metal studs.


These are part of the ready-to-wear collection, so I hope we see them everywhere next spring. If I were a woman I would dress like Xena every single day. Or maybe Princess Leia. Here’s a quick video showing other pieces from the line:

But why do the models look so angry? I’d be giggling and skipping down the runway. Maybe it’s because they’re all 6’3”, buy only weigh 65 pounds. Oh well. I now return you to your regular fanboy programming.

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